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Beauty of Pakistan Reema Khan

Reema Khan (Urdu:ریما خان), known by her screen name Reema, is a Pakistani Lollywood film actress, director and producer. She has appeared in more than 200 films since making her debut in 1990
Reema Khan was born in Lahore,in 1971.Pakistan. She was first spotted in 1990 by the Pakistani film director Javed Fazil and was offered the supporting role in his film Bulandi.


Khan started her film career in 1990 through Javed Fazil’s Bulandi.in which she done title role
Khan's early films included Zherilay, Ishq, Naag Devta, Pyar hi pyar, Sailab, Dil, Aag, Shama and Sahiba.
These were followed by films such as Hina, Anjuman, Chakuri, Chandni, Neelam and Insaniat. Later she appeared in Hathi Meray Sathi directed by Shameem Ara and in Rani Beti Raj Karegi directed by Altaf Hussain.
In 2002, Asif Ali Pota’s Fire and Samina Peerzada’s Shararat were released.
She was the first Pakistani actress to be signed by Pepsi Co., Pakistan for their series of advertisements. She has now become an official partner of the Lahore zoo.

Personal life

Reema Khan married American cardiologist surgeon S. Tariq Shahab on November 16, 2011 in Virginia. The nikkah took place at a local court in Virginia according to American law while Rukhsati took place on November 18, 2011. Her Walima was held in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on 27th May , 2012.

Director and producer

Her debut film as a director and producer, Koi Tujh Sa Kahan, was released in Pakistan and overseas. It went on to win the Best Film award at the Lux Style Awards in 2006. Khan won the award for the Best Actress and Best Director for the same film while Moammar Rana won the Best Actor Award.

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Scandal Queen Meera Hot Pictures

Date of Birth
15 July 1976Lahore, Pakistan 

Birth Name
Irtiza Rubab 

5' 4" (1.63 m) 

Mini Biography
Meera was born on 15th July 1976 in Lahore. She started acting in school plays in high school and went on to model for various commercial products while still in high school. Meera went to Lahore's Kinniard College and continued to act in school plays, however at this point her modelling career really took off as she appeared in ads for Pepsi and Lux while still in her mid-teens. She continued to model for various agencies in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and became one of the country's top supermodels. At this point, Meera was also approached by various directors in Lahore to sign on for roles in their movies. She signed with two directors including Samina Peerzada who was making her debut as a director in Inteha (1999). Peerzada signed Meera on as the lead in her directorial debut - and Meera was sensational. Inteha went on to become a bit hit and Meera was named the Best Actress of the year for her breakout performance. Since Inteha, Meera has worked in 14 projects, while at the same time, continuing with her modelling career. Despite having spent 4 years in the film industry, Meera prefers working in fewer films than her co-stars. This according to Meera is because she prefers modelling to acting and is therefore committed to appear in a limited number of film projects. She is still one of Pakistan's top models and continues to appear in Lux and Pepsi's ads - which helped launch her career. Meera plans to continue her modelling and acting career, before turning her attention to Interior design, which was her major in college. Meera signed on to appear in a new television serial produced and directed by Javed Sheikh. This would be Meera's first appearance on a Prime Time TV Serial on PTV, although she has guest hosted the weekly Top 20 Countdown for PTV and Pesi on quite a few occasions.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous 

Regular host of the Top 20 Music Countdown on PTV.
Graduated from Kinniard College in Lahore.
Signed on as a teen model while still in high school.
Voted one of Pakistan's most beautiful stars of 2000.
Is an active model, making appearances across Pakistan on a regular basis.
Beat out Reema and other established stars for her role as Sara in the blockbuster Inteha (1999).
Is single, and lives with her parents in Lahore. [2001]
Owns a range of high performance vehicles in Lahore but rarely drives on her own. She says she doesn't trust herself behind the wheel.
Was the first Pakistani actress to work in a Co-Production with India - when she starred in Nazar (2005).
Is the second of six siblings. She has one sister and four brothers.
Her sister owns a hair salon in Pakistan, while her brothers are studying abroad.
Meera has now relocated to Mubmai, India to continue more work in Indian films. The move has obviously caused more disgruntlement in her native Pakistan, although she is not the first Pakistani actor to move to Mumbai for career purposes. [September 2005]
The first Pakistani actress to successfully cross-over into India's Bollywood film industry.
Pakistani superstar Meera lodged an Official Complaint against Faisal Saif in Punjab (Pakistan) chief minister's cell where she claimed that the Film Maker is behind the conspiracy to kill her.
Can be seen briefly in the remix music video for the song 'Woh Lamhe' for the movie Zeher (2005).

Personal Quotes
On working with director Mahesh Bhatt: "I am so comfortable with Mahesh. I can hug him, kiss him on his cheeks and listen to him speak for endless hours. He decides whom I should meet, where to meet them. I trust him totally." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
"I will not do any kissing scenes and no exposure at all, nothing like Murder (2004). I come from Pakistan, I am a Muslim girl, I will not do anything indecent or vulgar. I don't want anyone to even approach me or talk to me if they want me to do any kissing scenes or exposure which is vulgar." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
"I am shooting every day, fans approach me for autographs, it becomes difficult for me to go unrecognized anywhere. My car windows are curtained. I have never gone to restaurants for dinner, because people stare at me, pass remarks, come to my table for autographs, so I prefer to spend time with my family and friends at home. I never go out to public places in Pakistan." (Movie Mag International June 2004)
When asked if she was sorry for being the first Pakistani actress to do a kissing scene, Meera responded: "Why should I feel sorry? I have not done anything wrong." (March, 2005)
"Pakistan is my country and India is the place where I am working. When I feel I will come to Pakistan or come back to India. I am the ambassador of peace. I feel India and Pakistan are like two sisters. If I desire I will go to any of the sisters whenever I want." (March, 2005)
"Every cinema-goer wants to see heroines at their best on the screen. It depends on the individual how they do it in from of the camera. There are many ways to look seductive without looking vulgar." (April 2004)
"I was very impressed with Madhuri's dancing in Devdas (2002), so I wanted Sarojji to compose the mujras for me. She is a taskmaster, but at the end of the day, the result shows." (August 2006)
"I love India and aim to completely concentrate on Bollywood now. Inshaallah if God forbids I want to get married in Bollywood and have children. I want my children to act in Bollywod." (August 2006)
On how her family was not supportive of her doing an Indian film: "No one was in support of me doing a film here. In fact, as you can see my father does not even leave me for a single minute and constantly follows me like a spy. But I guess that things will change once the film releases."
When asked if her family had a problem with her kissing scene: "No, they had a problem with me doing a Hindi film. They did not want me to come to India. I know they're still not happy. They keep stressing that I should return to Pakistan."
On her Bollywood debut film Nazar (2005): "I am very confident, as I have worked with great people. This film spreads the message of friendship, peace and unity between India and Pakistan. It is great to play the bridge between these two countries."
On how she was approached to star in her first Indian movie: "When we met Mahesh Bhatt the film festival in Pakistan, he suggested that we do a film together. I loved his sincerity and his intention of doing a film, which could bring both the countries together. I immediately agreed."
Her thoughts on Sana, the second Pakistani actress to star in an Indian movie: "That was precisely the reason why I did a film here (India). I had to go through the hard way and my path was full of thorns, but I am glad that it has opened all doors for others to come and do films out here. I just pray more and more like me come and do films in India."
On actresses eager to play the same role in different versions of the film Jhansi Ki Rani: I am not competing. Let the competition show on the big screen. Let the media, critics and audience decide. I am here to work and when people see me on stage, I want them to look at me as Jhansi Ki Rani and not Meera. (2009)
I think a glamorous life is short-lived. There is no character in glamorous roles. An actual star is the one who lives the character. (2009)
As an actress I have no inhibitions on screen. That doesn't mean I am willing to go to any lengths to prove my point. I know where to draw a line. I represent Pakistan in India and let me assure everyone I would never demean my culture. The 'kiss sequence' is part of the storyline and should not be seen in isolation. (May 2005)
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot
Meera Pakistani actress hot

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Saba Qamar Hot

Sabahat Qamar, better known as Saba Qamar, is a Pakistani model and actress from Gujranwala. She has appeared in a variety of television dramas, as well as advertisements. She made her debut in the PTV drama Main Aurat Hoon, and is most well known for her roles as Suraiya in Dastaan, Sana in Pani Jaisa Piyar, Zoofishan in Jo Chalay To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye, and Saman in Maat. She also hosted the political satire show Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain from 2008 to 2012.
Saba won the First Time PTV Award for the best TV Actress in both Public and Jury choice categories in the 16th Annual PTV awards on 23 July 2011.


  • Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain
  • 16th Annual PTV Awards Show 2011
  • Noor Jahan Film Songs Show
  • Nido Milk Tv Show
  • 17th Annual PTV Awards Show 2012


Some notable modelling appearances by Saba
  • Abrar ul haq's music video Boliyan (2004)
  • Abrar ul haq's music video Rano (2007)
  • Qarshi Jaam e Sherin's ad
  • Sooper biscuit's TV ad
  • Fresh Up Bubble's TV ad
  • Ufone's TV ad
  • 50-50 biscuit's TV ad
  • Care beauty cream's TV ad
  • Kollege blue cream's TV ad


  • Mein Aurat Hoon
  • Kahin Tum Kahin Hum
  • Na Jany Kion
  • Ghuroor
  • Taqdeer
  • Amar Bail
  • Ibn E Aadam
  • Unbayanable
  • Mamoo
  • Mishaal
  • Chubhan
  • Dhoop Main Andhera
  • Muhabbat Yun Bhi Hoti Hai
  • Woh Subh Kab Ayegi
  • Banjar
Pakistani Saba Qamar
Pakistani Saba Qamar 
Pakistani Saba Qamar
Pakistani Saba Qamar
Pakistani Saba Qamar

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Hot Zara Sheikh

Zara Sheikh
Sheikh made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the "JaZZ Girl" for one of Pakistan's prominent cellular service providers, Mobilink GSM.
Sheikh appeared in photoshoots in teen and fashion magazines and came to the attention of Khawar Riaz.
Sheikh has modelled for a large number of fashion designers, including designers Deepak Perwani, Umer Syed, Nomi Ansari,Sobia Nazir, Rizwan Baig, Ayesha Versay. Zara Sheikh is the brand ambassador for Salina-Wardah. Sheikh has also worked with Erum Imran, Asia-Saail, Nickie Nina, Sobia Nazir, HSY and companies including Crossroads, Levi's, SKIMYZ, Rijas, Bonanza(Satrangi), Lajwanti, Promize, Gulkari, Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, Bakhtawar Lawn and Nee Punhaal.
Sheikh has appeared in a large number of commercials for a variety of brands and products, ranging from cellular network providers to cosmetics. Some products she has worked for include Mobilink, Habib Cooking Oil, Care Vanishing Cream, Care Cosmetics, 7 Up, Rite Biscuits, Beri-O,Eden Luxury Villas,Dawn Bread, Dabur Amla Hair Oil (International Campaign),Rose Petal Tissues, Haleeb Milk,Bonanza,Molty Foam,Salina Wardah's "Fabric Concepts" and Al-Khair Polymers.
Sheikh appeared in a music video entitled O Sanam (O, Love!).
Sheikh made her cinema screen debut in 2001, through Hassan Askari's Tere Pyar Mein, in which she played the role of an Indian Sikh, who falls in love with a Pakistani banker. Sheikh received a Best Actress award for her role.
In 2002, she appeared in Sajjad Gul's Chalo Ishq Larain (Let's Love).A year later, in 2003, Sheikh played the part of a Hindu girl, Ram Khori, who converts to Islam in Laaj, (Honour) a historical, part-religious tale.
In 2004, Sheikh worked in the 150 minute, Shahzad Rafique-directed Salakhain (translated as The Bars), which was screened at the 5th KaraFilm Festival in Karachi. 
In 2006, Sheikh played the role of a girl-in-love in the Mubasher Lucman-directed Pehla Pehla Pyar (The First Ever Love), a film partly filmed in Thailand. Speaking of her experience, post-production, Sheikh said, "It's not easy to work with Mubasher. He's motivated by his film a lot and does not believe in any compromises." She also stated that, at one point, she had worked twenty-eight hours at a stretch, but that "when I saw the result on the screen afterward I was in tears because ... it was clearly worth it.
In 2008, she starred in Javed Raza's Kabhi Pyar Na Karna.
In 2002, Sheikh collaborated with Ali Haider to playback sing three musical numbers for her movie Chalo Ishq Larain.

Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures
Zara Sheikh Hot Pictures

Hot Pakistani Actress Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa (also known as Mona Liza or Mona Laizza) is a Pakistani actress born in 1975, who appears in television serials, soaps and telefilms. She made her film debut with the Bollywood  film, Kajraare opposite Himesh Reshammiya.

Lisa was born in a Muslim family. Her father, who was a great admirer of Mona Lisa's painting, named her Mona.Later he added the name Lisa also. After starting her career with stage dramas and performances, she later went on to star in many acclaimed serials and telefilms.

Lisa made her acting debut in 2003 with the serial, Rabia Zinda Rahegi co-starring with veteran actors such as Talat Hussain, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil and Ayesha Khan.245

Lisa was signed by Bollywood producer, Bhushan Kumar for his film, Kajraare,6 directed by Pooja Bhatt, and also starring Himesh Reshammiya.7 The film was shot in Lahore, Dubai and Morocco. The film was released on 15 October 2010.

Lisa is working on her second film Saltanat directed by Syed Faisal Bukhari.8 She will also do an "item number" for the film and have a important role opposite Ahsan Khan and Javed Sheikh. She also confirmed several Indian actors will be part of the film More Photos of Monalisa here

Gorgeous Sunita Marshall Pictures


Sunita Marshall was born in Lahore to Pakistani Christian family in 1982. She completed her graduation from Karachi and entered into Pakistan Fashion industry. She has appeared in many music videos and commercials. She is one of the most beautiful married model in Pakistan today. She has a baby "Raakin Ahmed" and she is married to "Hassan Ahmed". Have a look at these most gorgeous pictures of Sunita Marshal - Pakistani model and actress.





Saba Ghauri HOT Pakistani Model

Pakistani fashion industry is like diamond mine, you will see so many hot diamonds of 100 carat. Today, i wanna show yet another diamond beauty of Pakistan. I dont know the name of this super fair model however i thought i should share her pictures with you. This model appeared in Saba Ghauri Jewellery Photoshoot. Lets have a look at all pictures of this model from Saba Ghauri Jewellery Photoshoot.